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The world is our oyster and our client the pearl. Out of home media or outdoor advertising agency offers great potential to make a huge impact Which in includes Wall wraps Ads, Billboards Ads, Unipoles Ads, Bridge Panels Ads. DMRC Media like : - Metro Pillars Advertising, Metro Panels Advertising, Duct Panels Advertising and many others..... Our out of home media strategic campaigns judiciously mix passive and dynamically active campaigns to extract maximum benefits. Passive media are: billboards, Outdoor Hoardings Advertising, posters, panels, bus, lamp posts and huge displays in public places. Dynamic media implements the latest in active digital signboards ads at places with maximum footfalls like malls, railway stations, airports to deliver effective and targeted message to people on the go, reaching out to thousands in a very cost effective, relevant way. Types of Outdoor Media:

Bridge Panels


Bill Boards


Bus Shelters

Inside Railway Stations

Inside Airport

Inside Metro Train

Metro Duct Panels

Metro Pillars

Metro Duct Panels

Inside Metro Station

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The world becomes smaller, products burgeon, companies grow and consumer awareness rises with the passage of time. Keeping abreast of the changing time, we position ourselves as an inalienable

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